Daley Ranch

To get detailed information about Daley Ranch and also learn more about the efforts of the City of Escondido to restore it's precious property, please go to Escondido/Daley Ranch.

You can also find additional information provided by the Friends of Daley Ranch.

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25-year-old Robert Daley settled the property in 1869, after emigrating from England and living in San Francisco and Washington. He built a small log cabin and filed a claim for the first 1,600 acres in 1874. He turned it into a successful horse and cattle ranch. When Daley died in 1916, the remaining family moved to Jamul and turned the ranch into a dairy operation. The rustic redwood ranch house was built in 1927 (or 1928, depending on source) and used as a summer retreat by the Daley family. It is located about a mile from the south entrance. The Daleys sold the ranch to Mobil Oil in the 1980s, who in turn sold it to Shea Homes in the 1990s. [Tom Chester]

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Mountain Biking

The Ranch has a myriad of trails that can easily be combined to over 24 miles... [MountainBikeBill]

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